About us

The Ukrainian Association of Professors and Researchers on European Integration (APREI) was registered in December 2015. The Association is open to all interested educators and scholars who specialize in teaching and researching the European Integration problematic.

The Association, without any profit objective, has as general goal to create permanent links between educators and researchers acting at local level to promote and develop European Integration Studies in Ukraine as well as to initiate the transfer of this knowledge to wider academic and non-academic community. The Association is to provide supporting information and to arrange the dissemination activities in specific subjects related to European integration for civil society as a whole.

The principal task is to connect the educators in Ukraine who work under Jean Monnet Programme and to visualize their activities and outcomes in accomplishing Jean Monnet projects.

The activity of Ukrainian Association of Professors and Researchers on European Integration is supported by Jean Monnet Programme  within the project 575385-EPP-1-2016-1-UA-EPPJMO-SUPPA: “Enhanced Visibility on European Integration Teaching and Research”.

The wider objective of the project is to promote and to improve the visibility of European Integration Studies (EIS) and to initiate the transfer of this knowledge to wider academic and non-academic community with a special addressing the policy-makers.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • to provide a national vehicle for promoting a better understanding of the European integration processes;
  • to develop a policy advice capacity on EU an EIS for government and civic organizations;
  • to serve as a national hub of Academic Excellence and Expertise on EIS;
  • to increase the quality of teaching and research in the field of European Integration Studies highlighting their different areas;
  • to develop a national network of EU expertise that can be accessed by the academia, media, government and public.

The outcomes are expected:

  • the platform for live ongoing discussion among the academia and wider society will be established;
  • academic network will be created that will trigger the progress of academic expertise in EI teaching and learning;
  • positive attitude towards European integration processes of Ukraine in general public will be nurtured;
  • Ukrainian scholars on European Integration will be visible for international academic community;
  • universities’ potential in teaching and research by participating staff in Association’s activities will be increased;
  • competency improvement of teacher/researcher based on EU experience will be reached;
  • professional interest towards European integration of Ukraine among target groups will be activated;
  • enriched policy dialogue and stronger visibility of EIS at national  level will be achieved.


The Association pursues information, publicity, and also pedagogic activities. As such, it organizes conferences, seminars and training for the benefit of its members, especially but not exclusively on issues that are the object of its own research and studies. It is aimed at encouragement the development of new teaching, research and debating activities.

The Association enables its members and their teams to bring together complementary skills, knowledge, and resources in new ways, in order to jointly address the European Integration aspects from modern perspectives.

We plan:

  • to become the platform for uniting national intellectual and physical resources in this field

  • to promote knowledge, reflection and discussion on European Integration Studies to wider community

  • to focus on multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary of the field

  • to disseminate the best practices in teaching European Integration Studies to wider academic community and by this to stimulate excellence in teaching and research

  • to build networks and cooperation between scholars and institutions under Jean Monnet Programme with the EU and EaP partners and beyond

  • to perform information activities via seminars workshops, roundtables and conferences

  • to promote academic cooperation at national and the European level in a new, innovative field and to enable knowledge transfer in the academia as well as among stakeholders in order to foster public discourse and active citizenship.