Lviv Conference 19-20 March. Press-release

Lviv Conference 19-20 March. Press-release


International Conference



March 19-20, 2019

Lviv, Ukraine


The Ukrainian Association of Professors and Researchers of European Integration in partnership with Ivan Franko National University of Lviv in cooperation with National Erasmus+ Office in Ukraine and FMA Programme “European Parliament to Campus” held its Annual International Conference within the Erasmus + Jean Monnet Project 575385-EPP-1-2016-1-UA-EPPJMO-SUPPA: “ENHANCED VISIBILITY ON EUROPEAN INTEGRATION TEACHING AND RESEARCH”. The Conference was supported by Lviv City Council.

The Conference was intended to highlight the academic work of Ukrainian and international academia on various aspects of the EU and European integration processes, the issues and perspectives of unifying processes on the European continent over the past decades. Its purpose is to promote the consolidation of Ukrainian and international intellectual resources on the present field, and to open space for scientific discussion on the current European integration issues.

The conference was officiated by the honory guests: Mr.Markian Malski, Former Ambassador of Ukraine to Poland, Mr.Jacek Kluczkowski, President of the Ukraine-Europe Forum (Warsaw, Poland), Former Ambassador of Poland to Ukraine.

The keynote speaker was the outstanding Mr. Andrew Duff, President of the Spinelli Group and a Visiting Fellow at the European Policy Centre (Brussels, Belgium). Member of the European Parliament (1999-2014). He is the author of the Spinelli Group’s Manifesto for the “Future of Europe: A Shared Destiny” (September 2018). His visit was supported by the” EP to Campus” Programme, initiated in 2006 by the European Parliament Former Members Association with the co-operation of the European Commission. On March 20th, Mr. Andrew Duff gave an open lecture of “Brexit and the Future of Europe” to the students and junior scholars of Ukrainian Catholic University.

The bright intervention on the subject was performed by Prof. Paulo Canelas de Castro, Jean Monnet Chair, University of Macau. President of the Board of Directors of the EUSA. In his presentation Prof. Canelas de Castro touched upon the values of the European Union through the prism of the future of Europe.


More than seventy participants attended the Conference in Lviv on March, 19-20. Among them there were representatives of academic community from Ukraine and foreign countries, Jean Monnet projects coordinators and teaching members, students and graduates, the NGOs activists, national and international experts from a variety of professional backgrounds and public officials.

The Conference topics adopted the inter- and multidisciplinary approach of the EU and European integration, and combined different subject areas such as economics, history, social policy, political sciences, law, environmental studies, intercultural dialogue, public administration.

At the Conference Ukrainian and international academia presented and shared their views on the EU and European Integration processes and their reflection in the EU and European Studies focusing on realities, challenges and perspectives.

It is worth emphasizing that Ukrainian academia have been well integrated in the world-wide Erasmus+Jean Monnet Programme community which promotes European integration ideas. Since 2001 the seventy two Jean Monnet projects have been implemented by Ukrainian universities and NGOs. The visibility of these projects activities needs to be enhanced to the wider public at the national and international levels.

The information about the conference was widely disseminated:

at the webpage of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

at the webpage of the Ukrainian Association of Professors and Researchers of European Integration

at the webpage of the National Erasmus+office

at the Jean Monnet Community platform

At the numerous FB accounts of the participants